How to Create Folders & Group Apps on Your iPhone

How to Create Folders & Group Apps on Your iPhone

The best way to give your iPhone a neat outlook is to reduce the clattering of too many apps on the home screen. It doesn’t mean that you should get rid of these apps but instead, place them neatly in different folders so free up some screen space. Making folders is your go-to option if you wish to reduce the clattering. It is a very simple process and doesn’t require you to be a tech-savvy to crack it.

What making folders for apps does is that it places similar apps in one place. Not only it makes screen outlook better, but it also makes it easy for the users to access apps category wise. For example, if you have three or four social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, making a folder and placing all of them in one place would make life much easier, wouldn’t it?

Creating folders and placing apps is quite easy. However, if you are going for it for the first time and wants to know how the process works, here is a detailed guideline that will walk you through the whole procedure. Read this guideline, comprehend it, and finally apply it to get rid of clattering on your iPhone’s screen.

Table of Contents

  • Creating Folders & Group Apps on iPhone:
  • How to Edit Folders:
  • Adding Folders on Dock:
  • How to Delete a Folder:

Creating Folders & Group Apps on iPhone:

1. You need to understand that you will need to select at least two apps to place in the folder.

2. In order to select the apps, press-hold on one of the apps until all the apps on the screen start shaking. This is the same process which you use to either delete or move the apps on your iPhone. Latest iPhone owners should press-hold the app very lightly due to the 3D touch screen feature. Doing it firmer won’t deliver for the purpose.

3. Now press-hold one of the app to drag it over the other one. It is just like merging the two apps. When the apps are merged let go the app you are dragging.Dropping one app into the other creates the folder

4. Dropping one app into the other creates the folder.

5. Now the folder will get a name assigned depending on the nature of apps you have merged. For example, if you have merged Twitter and Facebook then the folder name assigned would be Social as in social networking apps.

6. You can rename the folder by tapping the x icon to clear the suggested name and then type the name you want.

7. If you desire to add more apps to this same folder then go back to the home screen (exit the folder) by tapping the wallpaper of your iPhone. Now, repeat the process of press-holding the app to merge it into the folder this the home button to save the folder and end the process

8. Once all the apps are placed and the name has been edited (or not), simply press the home button to save the folder and end the process. iPhone X or later doesn’t have a home button so users need to tap on the option Done located at the top-right of the screen.

How to Edit Folders:

Once you have created a folder or folders, you would inevitably like to edit them at some point. You may need to rename a folder, delete or add apps, and much more. So, luckily enough, editing folders is as easy as creating them. Here is what you need to do.

1. Tap hold on the folder (until it starts shaking) you want to edit

2. Now tap again to open the folder with all its contents available on the screen.

3. Now if you desire to change the name of the folder, tap on the text and rename it.

4. If you wish to add more apps, simply drag them to the existing folder.

5. If you wish to remove apps from the folder, simply drag them out of the screen.

6. Once done, tap the home button or the option Done (iPhone X and later) to save the changes.

Adding Folders on Dock:

iPhone Dock is the stripe that appears on the bottom of the home screen. The iPhone Dock can only accommodate four app/folders on it. So, if you wish to move a folder on iPhone Dock, you may need to create space for it. Here is a step-by-step guide of what you need to do:

1. First, make sure that the Dock has space to accommodate one folder. If not, press-hold any app on the Dock to move it away from it by dragging it out.

2. Now, tap-hold on the folder and drag it to the empty slot you have just created on the dock.

3. Now press the home button or the Done option to save the new changes.

How to Delete a Folder:

Deleting a folder is very simple. It is just like the same procedure as of deleting an app from the iPhone. Here are the steps:

1. Drag out all the apps present in the folder.

2. Emptying the folder automatically makes it non-existent.

3. Now hit the Home button or tap on the option Done to save the changes.

Creating, editing and removing folders from the iPhones is as simple as that. It is always good to keep your iPhone’ screen look neat, and there is no better way than folders to make it happen.