2021 Apple BTS summary: plan content, time, purchase process, payment, answer all questions

Apple has been 7/16 officially announced this year’s Apple BTS event, Many students are Apple BTS There are many doubts about the information provided, how to buy Apple Back To School, whether Apple BTS can be swiped, and whether there is a limit on the number of items given by Apple Back To School. This article will help you sort out the 2021 Apple BTS student education discount All common problems in the event.

At the end of this article, we have also sorted out all recent BTS activities related information and problem categories, and searched all the Back To School information you may encounter and want to know, including the purchase process, purchase restrictions, purchase qualifications, How to choose a Mac product that suits you…and so on, everyone can refer to it.

When will the 2021 Apple BTS event start?

this year The Apple BTS activity in the United States has started on 6/17, Taiwan’s Apple Back To School event this year officially started on 7/16 and ended on 9/27.

United States
06/15 ~ 09/05 06/02 ~ 09/05
08/08 ~ 09/25 07/12 ~ 09/25
07/12 ~ 09/25 07/12 ~ 09/25
07/09 ~ 09/26 07/09 ~ 09/26
07/09 ~ 10/12 06/15 ~ 10/12
07/16 ~ 09/27 06/17 ~ 09/27

What is the content of the 2021 BTS event? What are the discounts?

Almost every year’s Apple Back To School activity will provide discounts on different accessories when you buy a Mac or iPad. This year also offers discounts on AirPods, which means that you can purchase a pair of AirPods earphones when you buy a Mac or iPad. Check out At the time, a discount of NT $5,290 will be given on the order, which is equivalent to a pair of AirPods earphones.

BTS activities organized

What products can I buy at 2021 Back To School?

According to the content of Apple BTS activities of Apple in Taiwan, products that meet the eligibility of the activities include the following:

It should be noted here that the 8th generation iPad is not in the range of activities. However, this is currently the Apple BTS plan proposed by the US, and the details of the Taiwan Back To School plan still have to wait for the official website to be officially announced.

How many units can one person buy for 2021 Back To School?

Apple BTS student education discount is an activity under the Apple Education Program. According to Apple Information on the education price discount page Explain that the quantities of each product that can be purchased at an educational price per person per year are:

  • 1 Mac mini in total
  • A total of 1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air
  • A total of 1 iMac and Mac Pro
  • iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad total 2 units
  • There are 2 items in total for other Mac and iPad accessories

Please refer to this article for detailed instructions on the educational price purchase quantity limit:

  • Is there a limit to the number of purchases of Back To School student education discount programs?Tell you how many units each person can buy

Is there a limit on the number of AirPods earphones provided in the 2021 BTS event?

The AirPods donated by the entire Apple Back To School event are not limited, as long as they meet the qualifications, they can get it, but there are restrictions on the AirPods available to each student, faculty and staff.

According to regulations, each eligible student and faculty member can get up to 2 pairs of AirPods headsets, purchase one pair of Mac products, one pair of iPad series products, and so on up to 2 pairs. Orders exceeding the purchase limit will be cancelled.

For the detailed Back To School event discount, AirPods headset gift limit can be seen here:

  • Is there a limit on the number of AirPods that Apple can send to Back To School?

Can the AirPods of 2021 BTS be upgraded at a premium?

Yes! When purchasing Apple BTS products, there will be a screen that allows you to choose AirPods, AirPods wireless charging box version, AirPods Pro or not to purchase. The detailed content description can also see this article:

  • Can the AirPods sent by BTS be upgraded at an additional price?

Back To School

Who is eligible to purchase the 2021 Apple BTS event?

according to Apple Education Program Terms as well as Terms of Back To School’s Activities in 2021, There are three types of people eligible for BTS activities:


Domestic public and private research institutes, universities, universities of science and technology, technical colleges, technical colleges or have been admitted students; if you are a recent graduate, as long as you can provide the required supporting documents listed below, you can still buy.


The faculty and staff of domestic public and private kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools and colleges.

If you are a qualified student’s parent, it is also on the list, but it is only a purchase on your behalf, so basically the student’s qualifications are still the main thing. Then foreign certification documents do not apply at a rate.

Back To School

What documents are required for the 2021 Apple Back To School event?

After purchasing the product during the Back To School event, Apple will review the qualifications of all purchasers one by one and the amount of purchase that can be purchased according to Apple Education Program Terms Requirement, you will need to provide identification documents, including:


Attach a copy of the front and back of the student ID with the semester registration seal. If you are a newly admitted student, you can attach an admission notice. If the student ID does not have a registration stamp, there are several ways:

  1. Attach the payment certificate. If you have not paid the fee, you may have to wait until the payment is completed before you can place the order. After all, the event period is until the end of September, so you can still buy it.
  2. Ask the school to issue a certificate of enrollment.

The above are the safest ways that you will not be required to supplement the documents. If you are inconvenient to show these, you can also try other certification documents. If the review fails, you will be asked to supplement other documents; the other suggestions are all Send it back to Apple by paper photocopying or photocopying. If you attach a screenshot of the webpage, such as the login certificate of the information system, etc., you may still be required to make a supplement.

Faculty and staff

It is sufficient to attach the front copy of the faculty certificate. If you are a teacher, you can also attach the letter of appointment from the school. Even if you are a substitute teacher or a proxy teacher, you can have a letter of appointment, but the teacher qualification certificate does not work.

What is the order process for 2021 Apple BTS?

Basically, after logging in to Apple’s education store, select the product you want to buy. If you buy a qualified product, you will be asked which AirPods you want, fill in the order and payment information and send it out, and then you will receive Apple requires the return of the letter of supporting documents, and the entire order process can be completed after the return.

For detailed instructions on ordering graphics and texts, please see this article:

  • Apple Back To School 2021 student education discount purchase process guide

Does 2021 BTS have to order and pick up the goods in person?

To order products using Back To School on the official website, you do not have to order it yourself or use your Apple ID. You can purchase it even if you don’t have an Apple ID.

But it is important to note that you will be asked to fill in the recipient information when purchasing. The name entered here must be the same as the name on the certificate returned later. If you want to buy with your younger brother’s student status, this Please fill in the name of your younger brother on the recipient. It doesn’t matter who signs the receipt at that time. When Apple reviews the order, it will only confirm whether the recipient is a qualified student or faculty member.

Can I use someone else’s credit card to pay during the 2021 Back To School event?

can! As mentioned above, Apple only requires the recipient to have the same name on the certificate provided for review, and it does not matter who you want to swipe.

But a reminder, the official website cannot use JCB credit cards.

Can 2021 Back To School be paid in installments?

Directly-operated stores can be divided into 3 phases, but online ordering is not possible, and it is no longer possible to purchase in installments including gift cards this year.

Back To School online order cannot use installment payment mainly because there is a pair of AriPods in the order. This is not a gift, but a product you purchased. It only gives you a discount of the corresponding amount. Therefore, according to the regulations, an order contains two No installment payment is allowed for top-quality products above pieces.

Back To School

In 2021 BTS, can I pay by bank transfer without a credit card?

Yes! However, for this part, you need to call Apple customer service and ask them to help you order. After the order is completed, you will be provided with the transfer information. After the transfer is completed, the transfer certificate can be returned to the designated mailbox.

How long will it take to receive the 2021 BTS event after ordering?

There is actually no timetable for this, because the order volume during the Apple BTS event is large, and each order has to be manually reviewed, so the longest time may be more than 4 weeks, if it is faster, it will be about 2 weeks, and AirPods may still be It will be delivered with the purchased Mac or iPad.

If you go to a direct store to buy, you should also check if it is in stock.

Back To School How to buy BTS

Can 2021 BTS use LINE shopping guide or ShopBack to get rewards?

Yes, if LINE launches activities, you can use the shopping guide to get the corresponding Back To School shopping money rewards. ShopBack does not have any restrictions on Back To School or education prices, so you can get cash back rewards. .

Does the BTS activity launched by the dealer have anything to do with the official Apple?

What I know is that Straight A under Studio A also launched a Back To School event. The content of the event also includes giving away AirPods headsets, but it is only available for purchasing a Mac, and these events have nothing to do with Apple’s Back To School. Will be counted within Apple’s education price limit.

  • Be the first to launch BTS from Apple! Studio A Buy Mac and get AirPods or add 1 yuan for HomePod mini

In addition, the scope of Apple BTS activities is limited to Apple’s two direct-operated stores in Taipei and the online store Apple Online Store. The Back To School held by other distribution channels is not related to Apple.

The above is to help you sort out the questions that you often see on the website and social media recently. If you have other questions about Apple Back To School, you can refer to the catalog below for detailed classification and answers to various questions. .

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